We believe that continuous professional development is important and necessary for leadership development in the corporate world.  Therefore, we offer a platform for corporate leaders and managers to continuously grow and develop themselves by providing specialised training and development. We currently offer training on four specialised areas; Corporate Governance, Company Secretarial, Strategic Planning and Director’s Inductions. These courses are fully accredited by the Botswana Qualification Authority. Our programmes are offered generally to the public and are also tailor-made specifically for the organisation. At our training, we ensure that new Directors start off on a good note with the company or organisation by taking them through a comprehensive board induction process.


AIM: To empower the Board of Directors to efficiently execute their duties and responsibilities in a Professional manner and according to Corporate Governance Best Practice.

RATIONALE: The Induction Programme provides structured information and support for new members in order for them to be confident and productive in their role. This gives the Directors an opportunity to understand the environment in which the company operates. A clear understanding of a Directorship Role provides a concrete base for the Director to effectively execute his/her fiduciary duties and thus highlight key requirements in their roles and their responsibilities. The Board Induction Programme is also a continuous development tool for existing members of the Board as it offers a comprehensive update on industry developments, Legislation and Corporate Governance Best Practice. It enables Directors to become effective contributors to the decision-making process of the Board.


AIM:  To equip Company Secretaries and those practicing in related fields with regards to the current developments in statutory compliance and International Corporate Governance best practice.

RATIONALE: Corporate Secretaryship provides a comprehensive overview of the extensive administrative and statutory duties of the company secretary in a corporate environment. It will also empower the company secretary to meet the global demand for recognition and professionalism. The company secretary will also be empowered to provide an enabling environment for better performing boards. The programme provides a solid foundation for future reference when studying for CIS. It will also boost the candidate chances for a career path in Corporate Secretaryship. If already a practising Company secretary, this is the right path for a refresher.

This two (2) days course will cover what hitherto are difficult issues of perception and recognition of the diverse duties of a Company Secretary.


AIM:  To enhance the level of professionalism in order to uphold Good Corporate Governance by empowering participants in International Best Practice.

RATIONALE: The role of the Board or Governing Body as referred to by the KING IV Code on Corporate Governance is to provide an oversight role in an organization through strategic direction towards the achievement of four governance outcomes; Ethical Culture, Good Performance; Effective Control and Legitimacy. This course will enable participants to better differentiate bad Corporate Governance practices from the good and equip them with the necessary skills to apply in an organization for good Corporate Governance. It will further keep participants abreast of new developments in the Corporate Governance sphere/sector/environment.

Participants will be better placed to apply Corporate Governance principles in order to fulfill the strategic objectives of their companies with the interests of other stakeholders in mind. This course is intended to bridge the knowledge gap as well as entrench the expectations of international best practice.