Dear Leader:

You can’t make it on your own. That’s not a putdown—it’s a reality. The bigger your goals, the more help you’re going to need in reaching them.

Profound words full of reality. In my personal journey as a “leader being developed”, these words are quite closer to home. I have recently been reading a book on Business called “Developing a leading business” by Laurence Holt et al. He states that the process for accomplishing work through others is the same for small or large companies. Therein lays the aspect of delegation. My recent personal experience has been learning to let go and allowing others into my space to help me to grow and to fulfill my vision, and ultimately the vision of the company. This is quite an experience since letting go of some responsibilities and tasks that you have been doing for a longtime is quite taxing. It requires one to have trust on others to fulfill their task. But then it is a reality that leaders got to live and follow through in order to ensure business sustainability in the long run and success. The business or organization should be able to survive whether you are there or not. Every Leader initially starts working on their vision alone, the vision remains small until they are able to share it with others and allow them to run with it. However, this is the ultimate challenge for a leader. It is never easy but it has to be done.

This important aspect of leadership does not only end with Executive Management, it also affects the members of the Board. In many organizations, the Board comprises of different members in the business/leadership fraternity who are not necessarily involved in the day to day operations of the business. Therefore, they are required to delegate these responsibilities to Management. Even so, the Board itself as a group is limited in terms of addressing all issues that arise in the business. Hence, the Board delegates to Board Committees to effectively carry out the duties of the Board. Principle 8 in the King IV Code on Corporate Governance states that “the governing body should ensure that its arrangements for delegation within its own structures promote independent judgment, and assist with the balance of power and the effective discharge of its duties”. Delegation therefore, is necessary for the effective running and growth of organizations. It is not an option; it is a necessity for growth.

The challenge goes on, I take up the challenge. #Aswegrowinleadership!