About Wise Leadership

Wise Leadership (Pty) Ltd was founded in 2010. It is a 100% citizen owned company. It predominately offers services in the field of Corporate Secretarial and Corporate Governance consultancy. Wise Leadership tailors its services and experience for its clients and their needs which has allowed it to enjoy serving a dynamic clientele in various industries and levels. We have served Private and Public Companies and also Statutory Bodies. Wise Leadership enjoys strategic relationships with several organizations including governmental departments, parastatals, regulatory bodies, private companies, professional bodies, training institutions and international bodies. Wise Leadership has BQA Accreditation, PPADB Registration, and an online social media platform.

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To be the leading firm providing guidance on proper corporate governance and ethical business practices globally.



We provide businesses with best practice solutions to enhance corporate citizenry and performance for sustainability and growth.



–>Customer centric.
–>Dependable and Trustworthy.
–>Driven by Ethical Culture.
–>Sustainable Practices.

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